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Managing Costs

Strategies for identifying and reducing expenses

Streamlining Operations

Improving processes and team training for optimal performance

Increasing Revenue

Strategies for boosting sales and maximizing menu profitability

Achieving Business Success

Strategies for taking your company to the next level
Profit Optimization Strategies

Are your profits reaching their full potential?

Without a success plan, your business may be losing money and time, falling short of its potential.

Sound familiar?

Are you aware of what needs to be done, but have no time to do it?
Are you experiencing a loss in margin but can't identify the cause?
Do you aim to boost volume and create exceptional guest experiences, but not know how?
Are you looking for ways to give your team enthusiasm?
Want to increase profits, but don't know how to begin?
Do you need to regain control of the chaos, but aren't certain of the best course of action?

Our Customers

We offer consulting and coaching solutions to help you and your leadership teams find their focus, so you can start maximizing profit, beat the competition, and bring your vision to life.

Proven Solutions to Achieve Excellence

We understand how time-consuming and challenging it is to manage and respond to all the complex demands in your daily operations. With cost increases, labor shortages, and increasing competition, you need a clear plan that works for you, your business, and your team.

Leveraging over 35 years of industry experience as an Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director, I’ve run over 40 operations ranging from small independent restaurants to Luxury Full Service Multi-Unit Resorts. At CORE, I partner with owners and stakeholders of Food & Beverage operations to translate your vision into reality and build world-class environments and operations. We collaborate to ensure every aspect of your operation is optimized and running as a well-oiled machine while dramatically accelerating and maximizing profitability.

As your right hand, I help you navigate all the moving parts of the ever-changing complexity of Food & Beverage operations and remove barriers and manage risks so you’re confident you’re making all the right decisions and can focus on what you do best and grow your business.

We analyze and provide solutions for:

Our diverse expertise in menu development enables us to create a menu that aligns with your vision and maximizes profits. A well-crafted menu not only meets but exceeds guests’ expectations, encourages customer loyalty, and sets you apart from the competition.

By implementing the menu engineering process, it is possible to boost profits by 5-12%. Conducting a thorough analysis of your menu can offer valuable insights into its profitability. With this information, we can guide you through the precise steps required to engineer your menu and achieve financial success.

Drawing on our extensive operational and lean management expertise, we will establish measures to reduce waste and prevent losses, devise a workflow and scheduling framework, and formulate procedures to consistently exceed guest expectations and achieve superior financial performance.

By creating and utilizing precise recipes, you can increase your profits by up to 3%. Working together, we will assess the accuracy of your recipes and yields, and identify areas for reducing recipe costs. Moreover, we will introduce a tried-and-tested recipe development process that guarantees accuracy and consistency in the future.

Drawing on our expertise in lean management and operations, we specialize in redeveloping and optimizing kitchens, bars, and workspaces to help you achieve top-line results by maximizing volume, boost bottom-line profits by minimizing payroll costs, and enhance team morale through improved execution.

Top performers recognize the value of coaching, which delivers an average ROI of 6x the investment. Our personalized coaching programs are designed for individuals and teams, with the aim of enhancing personal, team, and financial performance. Our programs are tailored to your business objectives and encompass a range of topics, including advanced food and beverage operations, executive business skills, and interpersonal skills.


Discover the expertise we offer to help you succeed

Your success is our priority

Enhance Profitability at Every Step

Our goal is to equip hotel and restaurant owners, operators, and leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge to increase profitability while prioritizing the customer and employees. Our approach to developing solutions is designed to achieve sustained success year after year.

We work closely with you to identify opportunities for improvement along your profit chain. Our team offers coaching and training to help your staff excel in their roles, and we strive to create an unforgettable guest experience that optimizes operations, boosts revenue, and reduces costs. Our solutions are tailored to meet your unique business goals, laying a foundation for long-term excellence.


Tips and Strategies

Explore the latest insights, tips, and strategies from the experts at Chives. Our blog offers a wealth of valuable information on hospitality, food and beverage operations, management, and more, designed to help you achieve your business goals.


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